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Somerville Clothing is the culmination of my favorite things; Fabric, Patterns, and Sewing.

One of my obsessions is fabric, so much so that I will probably die with the most fabric.  Yes, I am admittedly, a fabricholic. As I mentioned before, I’m in the fashion industry, so fabric is all around me. A little more than a year ago I decided to sell some of my stash on Etsy, mostly to pacify my husband because the fabric stash was overtaking my studio. I listed small remnant pieces I found hidden in bins and plastic bags to large rolls of denim. To my surprise the fabric sold, even the remnants!

I see so much waste in the fashion industry. Many Designers buy fabric and trim and decide not to use it in their clothing line. Factories often over buy and have excess fabric from production which is thrown away. Can you believe it? As a sewist I’m sure you can’t stand the thought!

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, I’m a teacher and a freelance pattern maker.  The fashion industry is hard with long hours. The personalities and working with creatives are sometimes challenging. You may have heard that in order to be in fashion, you must be tough. (The Devil Wears Parada and The Phantom Thread is not an exaggeration) I suppose I am tough, but I love the process of making a collection come to life. When you are a highly skilled pattern maker you will always have work.

On Instagram I discovered the sewing community by accident when I posted a short video of one of my students sewing. I’ve posted numerous photos and videos, but never had so many views or likes. I couldn’t figure out why, but soon discovered it was sewists!  I was amazed how large the sewing community was!

I had heard of people making their own patterns and selling them online, and read some of the sewing blogs, but didn’t know they were called Indie patterns, but didn’t really read into it further until, late last December. I was scrolling thru my Instagram feed unwinding before going to bed, I noticed a post about sewing patterns, so I clicked and fell into that rabbit hole. A few hours later I was reading post after post about people sewing their latest indie pattern. I couldn’t understand the thought of printing a full-size pattern on a home printer and taping it together. My brain couldn’t grasp the concept, not when I have a plotter in my studio. (A plotter is basically a large printer to plot full scale patterns.) Not only do I have a plotter, but I have an archive of thousands of patterns in my computer! 

For the past 6 months I have been researching, studying and working on releasing my first indie patterns. I released the Market Bag a few months ago to test myself that I could do it. Now I’m ready to release a few more.


What you will find at Somerville Clothing is a curated selection of apparel fabric, most of which is not available in your local fabric store and selection of favorite patterns from my archives. If you would like to hear about when something new is released please join our mailing list!

Thank you for visiting!

Happy sewing,


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