The Landslide Skirt

I've been told by so many that I should try out for Project Runway. My immediate answer is always, NO. I couldn't do it, not because I'm not capable, but because I need time to think about what I want to design. Truthfully I'm not the type of person who can design on the spot.

If Tim Gunn walked into the room and told me I had 30 minutes to sketch a design made out of the interior parts of a car, I'd be stressed out and couldn't think. LOL. I would be able to make a perfect fitting garment, but it would be probably be an A-line skirt!

I was a designer in the fashion industry for a short time. It was a hard moment when I realized I didn't like it. But thankfully, I found my love for pattern making. The challenge of looking at a sketch and drafting a pattern to make the designs come to life and fit a human really spoke to me. Pattern making is the technical side of designing which also utilizes a lot of my math skills. 

A lot of my design inspiration comes from what I see on around me while shopping, or looking at my feed on Instagram, or even what my students are wearing. Often, designs come to me while I'm doing regular tasks about my day; while driving, in the shower, or falling a sleep. So I always keep a sketch book close at hand to quickly draw it. 

Once I'm excited about a design, I can't wait to draft the pattern so I can make it come to life. The Landslide Skirt came to me while I was working on the release of Landslide Drape Top. I thought it would drape beautifully as a skirt. Once I made the first prototype it immediately reminded me of Stevie Nicks and her iconic handkerchief hem skirts.

The Landslide Skirt is a flowing drape skirt with a waistband and handkerchief hem. It's a perfect skirt to wear all summer to keep you cool. The pattern drafted for stretch knit jersey in solids, prints, or even stripes as pictured. So it is quick and easy to make with just 3 pieces and all overlock seams, great for the new sewist! I'll post a so along video so you can see how fun it is to make!



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